Designing for experiences


  • Design-thinking: superhelden tegen kanker

    DeFusie asked me to write an article for them, this is what I wrote: Stel je voor, je bent zes jaar oud. Je houdt ontzettend van fietsen. En van pannenkoeken. Je weet zeker dat je later brandweerman wilt worden. Of politieagent, want eigenlijk vind je dat ook wel leuk. Het maakt niet uit, want je…

  • Runner-up in Future Ideas competition


    Future Ideas is an innovation-catalyzing and knowledge-sharing platform for like-minded, future inspired people. Their mission is to accelerate the craftsmanship of innovation. Each year they have their prestigious thesis competition where recent graduates all over Europe are judged by a jury on the life changing qualities their thesis has. And, I’m happy to announce my thesis was…

  • Visit me at the Dutch Design Week


    From 10 o’clock today the Dutch Design Week has started in Eindhoven! An entire week (well, actually 10 days) full of design and design activities. As a recent graduate and Fontanel’s ‘young talent’ I will be also displaying my work. You can find me here: DesignHuis – De Gezonde Mens (whole week) Lichttoren – overVIEWover…

  • Young Talent 2013


    Last couple of months were quite something. Besides working, I’ve been awarded with a place among the 20 most talented young Dutch designers by Fontanel! Just gave a talk there about my ‘Technology for Empathy’ philosophy. Wow what an energy the talents and the crowd had! But remember, don’t devote your life to being different,…